Pickle Fest - Just Dill With It

Pickle Fest

When: SATURDAY, JUNE 29 - 3:00PM – 10PM
Admission: $5 admission in advance, $10 at the door

🥒🎉 Party People! Get ready to relish in the madness because Pickle Fest – Just Dill With It – is BACK and bolder than ever! Save the date, June 29, and meet us at the dazzling park at Austin Landing for a pickle-packed extravaganza!
Picture this: 🎶🥒 Live music that’ll make your pickles jive! We’ve got Classic Jam and more, serving up tunes hotter than a jalapeño in a pickle jar! Dance, sing, and pickle-roll your way through the night! 🥒
🍟 🥢Now, let’s talk about the stars of the show – the pickles, of course! This event is so DILL-I-CIOUS, it’s practically a pickle paradise. From Deep-Fried Pickles to Pickle Egg Rolls, Cotton Candy Wrapped PicklesPickle Backs, and more… we’ve got pickles for days!
🛍️ 🥒 And if you’re on the hunt for pickle treasures, fear not! Our pickle vendors have you covered. From pickle-themed merch to pickle items you never knew you needed – if there’s a pickle item, we’ve got it. Get ready to pickle up your life!
⏰🎟️ Early bird gets the pickle! Admission is only $5 until June 27, so snag your tickets before they disappear faster than a jar of grandma’s secret pickles. On June 28 and at the door, it’s still a steal at $10 until we run out of pickle puns and tickets!

More details at daytonpicklefest.com

🥒 Grab your pickle-loving pals, put on your pickle-themed outfits, and join us for a day of laughter, music, and the crunchiest pickles in town. Let’s turn June 29 into a dill-ightful memory! See you at Pickle Fest – Just Dill With It! 🥒🎉

2024 Vendor Map

If you’re interested in being a vendor for Pickle Fest, click here.

If you are a Food Truck and are interested in being a vendor for Pickle Fest, click here.

Subject to approval, all restaurants and food trucks must be a member of the Miami Valley Restaurant Association.